Our annual concert, traditionally held in November/December is the highlight for all students and parents.  It is held at The Concourse Theatre, Chatswood and we have 2 performances which evert student participates in.  This allows all students the opportunity to perform on stage twice and for parents and their families to come and watch the show at the time that suits them best.  

Working towards our end of year concert, WSDA has the right to schedule extra rehearsals if needed.  The details for these will be emailed out to all parents with plenty of notice so as to ensure that all students attend these rehearsals.  

As part of our concert preparation, all students will be required to attend our Photoshoot Day.  This is where all students will need to be dressed in their concert costumes with hair & makeup complete and we do both individual shots of each students (which can then be purchased either on the day of the concert in the foyer or online direct from the photography company) and group shots (which are used for our concert programmes.)  

Parents are to notify WSDA by the end of term 2 (at the latest) if their child is unable to participate in the end of year concert in order to make sure that WSDA doesn't order their child a concert costume, as otherwise you will be liable to pay for the costume/ if you fail to let us know prior to ordering the costumes.


There are costs involved with being involved our concert and these include concert costume costs and concert ticket costs.  

Whilst WSDA tries to keep costs down for families as much as possible, we understand that it can become expensive if you have numerous children or many different dance styles that they are enrolled in.  Therefore we can offer you a payment scheme, where we can add $15 onto Term's 1, 2 & 3's invoices per dance class (which amounts to $45) by the end of Term 3 with the remaining amount for costumes to be charged to you in Term 4.  If you are interested in this payment plan then please contact us so we can add this to your enrolment profile.

Concert Tickets:

These are sold on a first in best dressed basis through email.  Ticket prices and what day & time they go on sale will be emailed to all parents.  There are discounted prices to families who which to book tickets for both shows.  

Concert DVD's:

Our concert is professionally videoed and therefore DVD's are available for purchase post concert.  Please let us know if you wish to put your name down for a concert DVD.  These are then posted out to families once they are received.  


12:00pm & 4:30pm performances

2020 Stage Rehearsal Date: Thursday 19th November


12:00pm & 4:30pm performances

2021 Stage Rehearsal Date: Wednesday 17th November